Love to surf fish, but tired of getting soaked and having all your stuff float away when a big wave comes crashing in?

Get yourself and your gear up and out of the water with a Regal Beegle Fish Throne!

*  Comfortable & gets you and your gear up and out of the water

*  Easy to transport (folds down small enough to fit in a trunk), sets up fast & easy to use

*  Flat-free, adjustable tires fit any beach slope

*  All aluminum construction and stainless steel fasteners mean years of maintenance free use

*  A bait tray, cooler/bucket shelf, and two adjustable pole holders keep everything within easy reach, all accessories are easy to remove for transport and storage

 *  Holes in backrest to hold your beach umbrella

*  Great for fishing off piers, bridges and docks, too

You'll be the KING of the beach!


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